Hi, my name is Lily my favorite thing is dinosaurs.

On this trip we will be going to Lyme Regis, which is what I call the Dino capital of the world. I’ve always loved a paleontologist named Mary Anning, she is my hero. She was one of the first women paleontologists and fought back against disbelievers. Who thought her finds were giant turtles, but were actually ankylosaurs. Lyme Regis is were Mary lived, also known for the Jurassic coast, a giant cliff with thousands upon thousands of fossils which a lot of them were found by Mary.

Lyme Regis also has a small town, and lots of hiking paths to hick on and since I’m a 10, I have lots of energy to go up the pretty hills of Lyme Regis and have time to memorize over 55 Dinosaur names.

Its an Albertasaurus